Chung Sung Siong Photo 2.jpg

Chung Siong

Chung has been working for CCATI as a public officer since 2017, his key responsibilities are mainly involved the following:

-Drafting the Association Constitution

-Organising meetings

-Preparing paperwork for the Department of Justice Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (Tasmania)

-Preparing paperwork for the use of the Association

-Recruit new members

-Promote the Association to the general public

-Plan and organise events

Prior to that, Chung worked for Hobart Legal Community Service, Morrison Legal Bunbury (WA) and Precision Legal Adelaide (SA).

Chung holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Tasmania, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Tasmania Centre for Legal Studies. Chung loves being involved in charity works and has interest in classical music, design and fine art.