standing Committee

The highest authority of the Association is the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee consists of one president, two vice-presidents, one secretary, and several other administrative officers.

President  |  Chen Ping

Vice-President  |  Xingming Wu

Treasurer  | Sam Xu

Public officer | Chung Siong

Project Manager | Jacelyn Wang

Marketing Manager | Shuangshuang Zhang

Administrator | Luchen Cai


Art Sub-committee


Assist Chinese Contemporary Art Tasmania (CCAT Inc.) in the planning of operational strategy and academic development, review the annual exhibition plan to provide board decision reference, and provide Chines Contemporary Art Tasmania Inc (CCAT Inc.) The exhibition, as well as the consultation and consultation of the activities, will enhance the overall academic level of the association's activities and assist the association in cooperation and exchange with international professional associations.

Dr. Megan Keating

Dr. Llewellyn Negrin

Dr. Jan Hogan

Scot Cotterell

Andrew Harper

Chen Ping

Xingming Wu

Prof Paul Gladston

Dr Lynne Howarth-Gladston


Administrative Committee

Administrative Committee is responsible for the administration and operation of the association

Shanshan Ai

Sam Xu

Chung Siong

Shuangshuang Zhang

Jacelyn Wang

Yao Chen

Carol Hau

Rex Emerson Dela Cruz

Luchen Cai