Chung Siong  |Public Officer

Chung Siong |Public Officer

Dr Lynne Howarth-Gladston  | Academic and curatorial adviser

Dr Lynne Howarth-Gladston | Academic and curatorial adviser

Shuangshuang Zhang  |Marketing Manager

Shuangshuang Zhang |Marketing Manager

Rex Emerson Dela Cruz  |Network Administrator

Rex Emerson Dela Cruz |Network Administrator

Luchen Cai  | Administrator

Luchen Cai | Administrator

Jacelyn Wang  |Project Manager

Jacelyn Wang |Project Manager

Prof Paul Gladston  |   Academic advisor

Prof Paul Gladston | Academic advisor


Chen Ping

Born 1962


Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, China; School of Art, University of Tasmania, Australia


Australia Council, Australia-China Council, Art Tasmania, Tasmanian Premier grant, 

Solo Exhibitions

Australia: Melbourne International Fine Art, Melbourne Multicultural Art Festival, Art Equity Sydney, Nanda/Hobbs Contemporary Sydney, Colville Gallery Hobart, Ten Days on the Island Hobart Tasmania, Chinese Contemporary Art Month Sydney 

International: Tally Beck Contemporary New York USA, Art Platform Los Angeles USA, Museum of Shantou University China, Guangdong Museum of Art China, Vis a Vis 798 Beijing China, Gaffer Hong Kong, Art Beijing China

Group Exhibitions

Australia: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, University of Tasmania, Tasmanian International Arts Festival, Sydney Contemporary, China Cultural Centre Sydney, Kensington Contemporary Sydney

Iternational: 55th  Venice Biennale(Personal Structures) Italy, 57th Venice Biennale(Personal Structures later this year) Italy, Expo Milano 2015 Italy, Davis Museum Spain, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art USA,  Museo Karura Art Centre  Spain, Singapore International Art Fair, Scope New York USA, Scope Basel Swissland, Art Asia Miami USA, Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art China, Qing Tong Museum Inner Mongolia  China, Fujian Museum China, Shantou Museum China, Sichuan Institute of New Ink Painting China, Pearl Lam Fine Art Shanghai China, Osage Gallery Hong Kong, Linda Gallery 798 Beijing China, Shangyuan Art Museum Beijing China, Art Statement Hong Kong,


Australia: Tasmanian Government, White Rabbit Contemporary Art Collections, Jason Yeap Collections

International: Official gift to Chinese president by Tasmanian Government China, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art China, Guangdong Museum of Art China, Fujian Museum china, Davis Museum Spain, AES+F Productions (Popov Collections) Russia, Copelouzos Family Art Museum Greece


Australia: Peter Timms, John McDonald, Ralph Hobbs, James Arvanitakis, Micheal Edwards

International: Ian Findlay, Rajath Suri, Michael Corbin, Tally Beck







墨尔本国际画廊,墨尔本多元文化艺术节,塔斯马尼亚岛上十天艺术节,悉尼Nanda/Hobbs当代艺术,悉尼中国当代艺术月,霍巴特Colville画廊,广东美术馆,汕头大学美术馆,北京798二步七艺术空间,香港Gaffer画廊,纽约裴大利当代艺术,洛杉矶Art Platform艺术博览会,澳洲驻新加坡大使馆,澳洲驻纽约领事馆


55届威尼斯双年展(个人结构),57届威尼斯双年展(个人结构),新加坡国际艺术博览会,洛杉机数码艺术中心,,纽约Scope艺术博览会,巴塞尔Scope艺术博览会,迈亚密亚洲艺术博览会,,米兰世博会,西班牙巴塞罗纳戴维斯博物馆塔斯马尼亚大学美术学院,塔斯马尼亚美术博物馆,维多利亚女王美术博物馆,塔斯马尼亚国际艺术节,悉尼奥林匹克局,悉尼中国文化中心,悉尼当代艺术博览会,广州美术学院美术馆,汕头博物馆,福建博物院,内蒙古鄂尔多斯青铜博物馆,上海艺门画廊,香港奥沙画廊,北京798Linda画廊,北京上苑艺术馆,香港Art Statement


澳大利亚:塔斯马尼亚政府,白兔当代中国艺术收藏馆,墨尔本Jason Yeap收藏机构



澳大利亚:Peter Timms, John McDonald, Ralph Hobbs, James Arvanitakis, Micheal Edwards

国际:Ian Findlay, Rajath Suri, Michael Corbin, Tally Beck


Scot Denis Cotterell


2016 - present  Time Based Media Coordinator, Museum of Old and NewArt, MONA.

2015 - 16         Digital Media Coordinator, Museum of Old and NewArt, MONA.

2014 - 15         SeniorAudio VisualTechnician, Museum of Old and NewArt, MONA.

2007-15           InstallationTechnician, ContemporaryArt ServicesTasmania, Hobart.

2012-14           Exhibitions Officer, Hobart City Council, Carnegie Gallery.

2009-14Sessional Lecturer, University ofTasmania Centre for theArts, Core Studies, E-Media.


2014                Applied Project Management,Australian Institute of Management.

2009-11           Masters of FineArt by Research, University ofTasmania.

2008-               Bachelor of FineArts with Honours, First Class. University ofTasmania.

2007-               Bachelor of FineArts, University ofTasmania; Centre for theArts.


2017                ClaudioAlcorso Foundation Residency Grant.

2013                ArtsTasmaniaAssistance to Individuals Grant.

2012                Gordon Darling Foundation Professional Development Grant.

2009-11           Australian Post-GraduateAward Scholarship recipient.

2010-               Nominee – Qantas Foundation ContemporaryArtAward.

2009-               Australia Council for theArts, SoundTravellers Grant.

Australia Council for theArts, Presentation and Promotion Grant.

2008                Jim Bacon Foundation Honours Scholarship.

2007                Dean’s Roll of Excellence with Honours, Faculty ofArts for outstanding academic achievement, University ofTasmania.

2004/6/7          Dean’s Roll of Excellence, Faculty ofArts, University ofTasmania.


2017                Isabel Lewis, Occasions, ContemporaryArtTasmania for Darkmofo Ogasawara/Stearly/Chevarie/Fersonov for Private projects,Tasmania. Kwanchai Sinpru for Private projects,Tasmania.

Peerawayt Krasaesom for Private projects,Tasmania.

2014                Curated Ebay Pdf, for Wrong Digital Biennale, .net

2012                ILK aTaxonomy Publishing project w/ Pip Stafford, .net

2011-12           Antipodean Ruido, co-curated audio cd w/ FranciscoAlvarez. Spain/Australia.

2010-               Prosopography.Academy Gallery. University ofTasmania. Launceston.

2009-               Auto/Graphic, InflightARI, Hobart, co-curation and catalogue text.

2008-               Encoding Experience, Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania. Facilitator.

SITE, web gallery. SearchTheory. ContemporaryArt ServicesTasmania.

2007-               Sex and the City, BUS Gallery Melbourne. w/ Benjamin Kluss.


2016—presentContemporaryArtTasmania, Programming Committee.

2012-               Convergence Lab, University ofTasmania, participant.

2011-               Advisory Committee, NAVAArtist Run Initiative advisory committee.

2010-               InflightArtist-Run Initiative, Chair.

2009-               InflightArtist-Run Initiative, Chair.

2005- 08          InflightArtist-Run Initiative, Gallery Co-ordinator.

2005-               Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania, Committee Member.

2005-               ContemporaryArts ServicesTasmania, Board Member.


2016 -NAVA, NationalAssociation for VisualArts,Artwires online Journal interview.

2013 -Fusion andAppropriation: Dynamism and Flux. Fusion Journal UK/AUS.

2012 -WeAre Here:Artist-run Initiative Symposium Report. NAVA.

2011 -InformationArchitecture, Catalogue Essay. WhyndhamArt Gallery.

2010 -One Night in Paris. Catalogue Essay. Devonport Regional Gallery.


Rääbus C, ‘Dark MoFo artwork censored by the art school that commissioned it’,ABC Online. 2016

HarperA, ‘Romantic Conceptualism’, Eyeline Magazine, Number 83. 2015.

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Machen M, ‘Exploration of ghost broadcasts’,The Examiner. Jun 25, 2011.

McCrindleA, ‘Insight into the Work of Scot Cotterell’, WARPMagazine. 2010.

Watkins P, ‘AMatter of Life and Death’, Photofile Magazine: the archive issue. Issue 78.

2006Australian Centre for Photography.

Warren M, ‘HOARD:chronology’,Togatus Magazine.

Iten M. ‘The curator with a pop aesthetic’,The

Watkins P. 'OutThere: Scot Cotterell',AustralianArt Collector magazine issue 34 oct-dec. Gadfly media.

Priest G. ‘LiquidArchitecture 6: celebrating sound', RealTime Magazine no68 Sept 05. RealTime.

Ratcliffe F. ‘Surface’. Un Magazine. Issue 4.p.53.


2018 -              Bangkok Biennial, Jam Pavillion, Paper Speakers Project.Thailand.

2017 -              Crisis Mapping, Penny Contemporary Gallery, Hobart,Aus.

2016 -              Romantic Conceptualism, WaggaArt Gallery, NSW.Aus.

Shitstorm (counterfeit version), Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangrak, Bangkok.

2015 -              Agigantic etching of an eagle and a sparrow, Penny Contemporary HobartAus.

2014 -              Romantic Conceptualism, ContemporaryArtTasmania.Aus.

EverythingAll at Once Now (and then some), Speedy Grandma, Bangkok.

2013 -              Trademarks, Penny Contemporary Gallery.Tas.

EverythingAll at Once Now (and then some), Format Collective. S.A. Flicker, Wyndham Cultural Centre, Mezzanine Gallery, Vic.

Standing Piece, Brunswick St Gallery Video Space, Melb.

2011-               The Urge toAppropriate, MFAexhibition, Plimsoll Gallery Utas.

2010-               Torrent, Bett Gallery/Raincheck, Hobart.

2009-               Medium Frequency, DFArte Contemporaneo, Galicia, Spain.


2018 -              Sixpointsixsixyears, Evil Goat, MoonahArts Centre, MOFO Commission,Tas.

2017 -              BORG Biennale, Gentrify Everything,Antwerp, Belgium.

2016 -              Brainstorm, for Darkmofo,Tasmanian College of theArts,Tas.Aus.

Manpower International Arts Festival, Rua Poço dos Negros, Lisboa Portugal Collaboration, Exhibition to celebrate 35 years of Fujian -Tasmania Sister State Australian Fujian Society. Fujian Museum, China.

Project for a newAmerican century, FauxMo commission for MOFO16, Hobart.

2015 -              Intersection, American Fabrics, BridgeportArtTrail, Connecticut.

2014 -              Devil's Encounter, Teufelsberg NSAField Station. Germany

I married a dead icecream, LABoral cur. Julia Drouhin. Spain

2013 -              Ghost Hunters, Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania.

120 Seconds, Federation Square, Melbourne.

2012-               Regret is for Chemists, Paradise Hills, Melbourne.

Nightmare Harvest Program, H,YSW Gallery, Hobart. Foreplay, Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania.Taxonomy@ Establishment, CASTGallery, Hobart.

37thAnnualAlice Prize, AraluenArts Centre,Alice Springs. Chance, SawtoothARI, Launceston, curator Victor Medrano.

2011-               The Rest Is Silence, Death Be Kind, Melbourne.

Best Show! Felt Space,Adelaide.

Pirate Radio (and other Hauntologies), Poimena Gallery, Launceston.

If I had more bullets I’d have taken Warhol with me, Rat Palace, Hobart. Kill Conquer Kill, Milk of Magnesia, Melbourne.

Panoply, SawtoothARI, Launceston.

2010-               IAM SATAN, HELLGallery, Melbourne.

SHOTGUN, CASTGallery suppt. by Detached Cultural Foundation. Conceptual, ContemporaryArt ServicesTasmania, CASTGallery. Prosopography,Academy Gallery, School ofArts, Launceston.

2009-               O.N.O Project 2, Hobart CBD,Tasmania.

SRL(Stigma Research Laboratory), MoonahArts   Centre,Tasmania.


2017 -              Hobiennale,Tasmanian Museum andArt Gallery, Sonic Systematics.

No Input (Redux) for MONAFOMA17 Festival, MONATasmania.

2015 -              No Input, Electrona 7054 Festival, Hobart.Tas.Aus.

2013-               Klapperstein: Le Placard Headphone Festival.Aus/Fr/Ger. MONA FORMATARI, No Input Solo.

MONAFOMA2013. No Input Solo.

2012-               Sound Klub V, InflightARI, Hobart.

MoMa Market, Solo sound performance.

2011 -              CAST18thCelebration, Live a/v commission.

MONA, Opening weekend, MONAMuseum,Tasmania.

2010 -              STL- SoundTo Light, PeacockTheatre, Hobart.

2009-               RUIDO 8, DFArte Contemporaneo, Galicia, Spain.

BLACK SUNDAY, Presented by SoundKlub, SalamancaArts Centre, Hobart. ONO Project 2, Hobart CBD – support for Lightning BoltAustralianTour. TRIADAustralianTour,Tas, Syd, Melb, Per, Bris.


2017 - University ofTasmania, School of CreativeArts,Art Forum Guest Speaker

2015 - Keynote UQArt Museum for MGQLD - Edge of Change: New approaches to Digital Engagement

2014 - UTASTCotA-Art Forum Program - Guest Speaker

2014 - RADIO - INTERVIEW - Scot Cotterell on PlainAir EDGE Radio 99.3 Hobart

2014 - RADIO FEATURE -The Small Hours on Future Music FM.

2013 - University ofAdelaide - Honours Program Guest Speaker

2012 - NAVA- WeAre Here symposium - roundtable facilitator


Laboratory Collection, Spokane Washington.

Private collections Japan,Australia,Thailand, Germany.

Peter Wu.jpg

Xingming Wu

Associate Professor, working at Art School of Zhejiang Shuren University, Hangzhou, China


·Dr. degree, Graduated at Tasmanian College of the Art, University of Tasmania in 2018.

·Visiting academic at Tasmanian College of the Arts, University of Tasmania, sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Education from 2013 to 2014  

·Certificate of advanced study and training for art and design, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, 2011

·Associate Professor, Issued by Zhejiang Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Certificate No. G3300115841, Issued on June 23, 2010

·Certificate of Excellent Courses, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. 2010.

·CER IV in Training and Assessment TAA40104, Central TAFE, WA (AU) 2007

·End-of-Course Certificate of Master, Art and Design, Hangzhou Normal University, Zhejiang Provence   2007(P.R.C)

·BFA - Visual Communication studies, China Academy of Art. 1997

·Occupation and skill Level: Second Level / Technician (Artisan in the area of visual communication design),Granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Peoples Republic of China

·Examiner of the State Vocational Skill Examination. Certificate number:09110022001, granted by Zhejiang Vocational and Skill examination centre, 2009-2012.

Industry experience

·Art consultant 2010, Working for Zhemei Culture and Art Communication Company, Ltd,.2010

  • Creative Director 2004.09-2005.10, Working for the real estate company of Yihe, Shanghai, China for improving abilities in AD media using, graphic design and communicate with all kinds of clients of the industry,

  • Design Director 2008, Working for Fashion Color magazine, which is issued by China and Hongkong.

  • Design Supervisor 1999-2001, Working for the Advertising and Design Department of Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Club.

  • Executive 1997-1999, Personal design studio

Research/ scholarship

1.  Project one:New ways of Layout Design,(completed) 

It is for teaching students how to become a good graphic designer, how to organize elements in a page, attract people’s attention as to make reading interesting and understanding easy. 2003-2006. Project number: SZYXGG200616

2. Project two: Typographic Design, (on going)

This project introduces typographic design, history of letter development; make a new form of font face, the relation between printed character and typeface, the feeling of styles of script character in design, especially in Chinese graphic design. 2008-2010

3. One of the leading lectures of the state excellent course Design of Commercial Stores and the Windows

4. Leading author of the research on Course Arrangement in Chinese-Australian Cooperation for Art and Design Department, launched by Education Guidance Committee, Design Department of Higher Vocational Colleges.

5. Comparison of performance in different models of pioneer park building between the students of Higher Vocational College in China and Abroad 

Accomplishments (Awards)

  • Silver Prize, 2010 Chinese Creative Package Design Competition.

Category: Cultural, Entry: Poster design

  • Excellence Price, International logo Biennial Awards, Beijing, China, 2008

Category: commercial (adult group), Entry: Logo design of Fashion Brand, Organized by CCII.

  • Excellence Prize, the Fourth Exhibition of Youth Artist works, 2007

Category: Cultural, Entry: Poster design 

Organized by Chinese Artists Association –Zhejiang Chapter

  • Bronze Prize,Gold Finger Award of 2002 China Star Package and Logo Design Competition.

Category: Food (professional), Entry: Zhuyinsun

Organized by China Package Association, Design Committee of China Package Association, and Review Committee of China Star.

Guiding Awards

  • Faculty Adviser Prize,

2010 Chinese Creative Package Design Competition.

Category: Cultural, Entry: Package design

  • Better City, Better Life, 2010 / Shanghai World EXPO.

Graphic design work exhibition of students of Higher Vocational Colleges in Western Australia and Zhejiang Province. 

Category: Art and Design, Entry: Poster design

Organized by Western Australia government, Zhejiang Department of Education, Zhejiang Department of Foreigner Affairs

  • Faculty Adviser Prize,

Adviser of students in 2009 “Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the school Competition”. The students got the First Prize.

  • First Prize.

“Challenge Cup of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, held by Zhejiang Second Higher Vocational Schools.

The prize is granted by Zhejiang Youth Committee, Zhejiang Province of Education, Zhejiang Science Association, Zhejiang Department of Human Resource and Zhejiang Department of Labor and Social Security, Zhejiang Students Union.

Category: Commercial, Entry: Package label design

  • Excellent Award, 2008 Design Exhibition of Outstanding Graduate Students of Art and Design Department of National Higher Vocational College

Catogry: Visual design, Entry: Paper space

Organized by Education Guidance Committee, Design Department of Higher Vocational Colleges.

  • Second Prize, The Second Zhejiang Province University Student Artwork Exhibition in 2008

Catogory:Industrial design, Entry: Paper space

Organized by Education of Zhejiang Province.

  • Excellent Award, Editorial Committee of All China Works, 2002

Category: Signs, Entry: Huayi Food Company Organized by Shenzhen CIS Application Association

Teaching Awards

  1. Award for Excellent Teaching Quality in Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce in school year 2007-2008.

  2. Award for Advanced Worker in Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce in school year 2008-2009.

  3. Award for Advanced Worker in Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce in school year 2009-2010.

  4. Award for Advanced Worker in Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce in school year 2010-2011.

  5. Excellent Award for the top quality course package design, granted by Education Guidance Committee, Design Department of Higher Vocational Colleges in 2010.


   ●  2019.02-03 China Translated / 翻译后的中国,Group Exhibition at Hobart, Australia.

●  2018.03   Four seasons/ 四季,Solo exhibition at Plimsoll Gallery, Australia.

   ●  2016.05   BiMo / 笔墨,  Solo exhibition at Entrepot Gallery, Australia.

   ● 2014.03   MoBen / 墨本, Solo exhibition at Plimsoll Gallery, Australia.

Professional memberships

  • Member of CCII (Capital Corporation Image Institution) 2009

The organization was accepted by ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations).

  • Director of The Fifth administrative Committee of China Fashion Color Association- Zhejiang Chapter, 2010-2015

  • Committee member,

Second Color Committee of Education of China Fashion Color Association- Zhejiang Chapter

  • Active Member of Zhejiang Association of Creative Design 2010-2012

  • The experts of the review committee

2011 Chinese Creative Package Design Competition

  • CommitteeMember

Committeemember of Graphic Design Department in Art and Design School,Zhejiang Vocational College of Electromechanical, 2009

Published books


  1. Package design, a standard new concept textbook of art and design department in Chinese higner vocational college, recommended by China Academy of Art. Publisher: Zhejiang People’s Art Press (2010). ISBN978-7-5340-2650-8.

  2. Advertiment and design, a standard new concept textbook of art and design department in Chinese higner vocational college, recommended by China Academy of Art. Publisher: Zhejiang People’s Art Press (2010). ISBN:978-7-5340-2660-7


1.   Research on the Relationship between Words and Logo Design, published in the fourth issue of Package Designin July, 2009. ISSN:1003-992933-1092/TB

2.   Impression of Colour, published in the tenth issue of Fashion Colourin October, 2008. ISSN: CN31-1175 / ISSN1005-555X

3.   Analysis on the Essence of Package Design, published in the fifth issue of Package Design in September, 2008. ISSN: 1003-992933-1092/TB.

4.   Decorating Design, published in Art of Design in Three Hours. ISBN7-5340-1018-7/J-867.

Published design works

1.   Logo design of Huayi Food and Weimei Medicine, published in Encyclopedia of Chinese Creative Design. Publisher: Heilongjiang Science and Technology Press. ISBN7-5388-XIZ·565 (Ranked first)

2.   Package of Huayi food—Zhuyinshun, published in Design of the Year in China(2003-2004). Publisher:Shanxi People’s Press. ISBN7-203-05453·5 (Ranked first)

3.   Logo design of Yiyaxuan Food and Jinhu Food, published in Huawen design of the year 2005. Publisher: Linnan Art Press. ISBN7-7536229143 (Ranked first)

Design Patent

·Coarse Bread Package ,  No: ZL2008 3 0098464.6 ,  granted by State Intellectual Property Office of The People’s Republic of China  in 2009.

·Nougat Package ,  No: ZL2008 3 0098463.1, granted by State Intellectual Property Office of The Peoples Republic of China in 2009.

2019.11- Present, 浙江树人大学美术学院任教,副教授



2000.10-2014.04, 在浙江商业学院艺术设计学院任教,副教授

1993.09-1997.07, 就读并毕业于中国美术学院(原浙江美术学院)视觉艺术设计系,获学士学位


Shanshan AI

Career History

      2004.4—2014.2:    Beijing Evening News, Beijing, P.R China, Art editor, reporter

      2003.8—2004.4:   Post Stamp Bureau of State, Beijing, P.R. China,  Photograph and letter editor

Education and Professional Development

      2017.3—2017.11:  Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours. 

Painting Department, University of Tasmania

      2014.7—2016.11:   Master of Fine Arts. Painting Department, University of Tasmania.

      1999.9—2003.7:  Bachelor of Art, Mural Studio, Painting Department, Tsinghua University.

      1995.9—1999.7:Technical Secondary School Educational Background.  Interior Design Studio, Beijing Art and Design School  (Academy of Beijing Industrial University now).

Exhibition History

2017.12:  Group exhibition at Plimsoll Gallery, Australia. Henry Jones Hotel.

2016.12:  Group exhibition at Plimsoll Gallery, Australia.

2016.5:  Solo exhibition at Entrepot Gallery, Australia.

Professional Honors

     2016.9:  Personal story and paintings were published on Mercury News, ABC News(Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Tasmania Chinese News and UTAS website.

      2004.4—2014.2:  Got "A Design" every year.

      2003.8—2004.4: Got the honor of "National Best Stamp 2003" with Stamp "Painting".


 1. The works had been saved into the almanac of Academy of Tsinghua University.

2. The work "Under the 15th. Floor" was gotten the 3rd. award in the "Student's Work Exhibition".

3. Got learning scholarship every year. Organized "Arts and Science" exhibition  (90th. anniversary of Tsinghua University) at the State Art Gallery.

1995.9—1999.7: Got the honour of Beijing Merit Student.




就读 北京市工艺美术学校(现北京工业大学) 环境艺术设计专业。(中专)



就读 清华大学 美术学院 绘画系 壁画工作室。(本科)


任职 中国邮政局 邮票印制局 图稿编辑部 责任编辑。






就读 塔斯马尼亚大学 绘画系 (硕士,荣誉学士)


Dr. Megan Keating

Head of School
School of Creative Arts and Media

Centre for the Arts, Hobart CBD Campuses

Dr Megan Keating is a Senior Lecturer in Painting and Graduate Research Coordinator at the School of Creative Arts. Meg is a multidisciplinary artist, crossing installation, painting, and paper cutting. Her works explore intersections between the natural environment, technology and culture. Meg is particularly interested in traditional paper cutting folk art techniques, which she re-contextualises through painting and cut-out works.


Meg has exhibited extensively since 1999 nationally and internationally, as well as being the recipient of numerous awards. In 2012 she was awarded an Australia Council New Work Grant in the mid career category to develop new ways of re-contextualising paper cutting. In 2011 Meg won the Hobart Art Prize: Paper category as well as taking out the People's Choice Award. In 2008 she was the recipient of a year-long residency at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia; an Asialink residency at the Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan in 2006 followed by a residency at The European School, Taipei in 2007; Australia Council Grant in the category of New Work Established in 2005. Her work is in numerous collections including Artbank, BHP Billiton, Australian Embassy, Beijing, Hobart City Council, National Gallery of Australia, Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia, Taipei Artists Village, Taiwan and the University of Sydney.

Meg was born in Sydney where she worked in a design studio before attending the National Art School in Sydney. Meg graduated with a PhD from the University of Tasmania in 2003.

Dr Liewellyn Negrin.jpeg

Dr. Llewellyn Negrin

Dr Llewellyn Negrin is an Adjunct Senior Researcher (previously Senior Lecturer in Critical Practices, Coordinator of Art and Design Theory and School Coordinator of Learning and Teaching) at the School of Creative Arts. She has taught at the University of Tasmania since 1989 and has published extensively in the areas of theories of fashion and the role of aesthetics in contemporary culture including her book Appearance and Identity: Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity.


Before joining the University of Tasmania, Llewellyn Negrin was a tutor and senior tutor in Social and Political Theory at Murdoch university, Western Australia from 1985-1988 and a tutor in General Philosophy at the University of Sydney from 1980-1984. She completed her BA Hons (1980) and PhD(1988) in the Department of General Philosophy at the University of Sydney (Australia).

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 2.51.53 am.png

Dr. Jan Hogan

Head of Discipline (Art)
Head of Studio, Printmaking
Art | School of Creative Arts and Media

Hobart CBD Campuses

Dr Jan Hogan is the Head of Discipline (Art) and the coordinator of Printmaking at the School of Creative Arts and Media, Hunter Street. She is interested in the traces left in the land of past events; geological, organic and sociological.  Her research explores how art processes communicate the affect these traces have on communities. Jan has lived and worked in many remote areas of Australia, which has had a profound impact on her practice-led research.  Her work is held in major galleries around Australia including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW and Artbank.

Jan Hogan was appointed as coordinator of Printmaking at the School of Creative Arts, Hunter St in 2013.  Before joining the University of Tasmania Jan was teaching Art Theory to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students at the ANU School of Arts, Canberra. She graduated with a PhD from the ANU School of the Arts, Canberra in 2009 previously gaining a Masters degree there in 1996.  Her undergraduate training was at the National Art School, Sydney and the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. Jan has extensive teaching experience having had an appointment at the Charles Darwin University as printmaking lecturer and taught a range of courses from drawing to Art Theory at the ANU School of Arts, the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, and the National Art School.


Professional practice

Print Council of Australia is a national organisation dedicated to Australian printmaking


➤Contemporary Art Tasmania, peak body for support of contemporary Tasmanian Artists


➤NAVA National Association for the Visual Arts


Committee associations

AAANZ; Art Association of Australia acts as a professional body for the region's art historians, critics, curators, artists, and art students


Administrative expertise

Co-ordinator of Australasian Print Project, Charles Darwin University.  An international cross-cultural dialogue between artists from Arnhem Land, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia


Convenor of Introductory Art Theory Program, ANU School of Art


Manager of Nomad Art Gallery, Canberra


Development and delivery of distance blended learning postgraduate coursework program, ANU



Printmaking, drawing, landscape, environment, cross-cultural, Indigenous Australian Art, Asia Pacific Arts, Art Theory, Contemporary Art, Deleuze, Art-Science dialogues, Phenomenology.




Andrew Harper

+61 407 225 907

GPO Box 325, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001



2002  University of Tasmania - BA (English)

2005  University of Tasmania – BFA Hons (Art Theory)


2018  sixpointsixsixyears Exhibition, performance, one day mini-festival, MAC

           Evil Goatcollaborative sound performance at Mona Foma 2018

2017 Danger Magicperformance, produced by Liquid Architecture, First Draft ARI Sydney

           Overground 2017 (part of Supersense at The Art Centre Melbourne). Collaboration with Sage Pbbbt

           Price and Valueexhibition and Performance, Visual Bulk, Hobart
2016 Brainstormgroup show – DARK MOFO
           HAUNTS (sound performance) Visual Bulk, Hobart
2015 Evil Goat (sound performance) FAUX MO, MONA FOMA

          HAUNTS (sound performance) FAUX MO, MONA FOMA
Repeated Activity: Lattices (exhibition and expanded film performance) SPEEDY GRANDMA ARI, BANGKOK – artist in residence

2014 SAD DAY, GLAD DAYcollaborative performance with Luther Price, Gerturde, Melbourne

           Mutterlard (sound performance), I married a dead icecream, internet performance, LABoral Centro de Arte, Spain

           Evil Goat (sound collaboration with Scot Cotterrell), Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

           Mutterlard (sound performance), KLAPPERSTEIN, internet performance, La Placard

           Mutterlard (sound performance), Grimoire, Dark MOFO, Hobart

           Mutterlard (sound performance), Wunderland, Hobart
2013 To Have Done With The Judgement Of Godperformance collaboration with Julian WilliamsThe Plimsoll Inquiry, UTAS, Hobart

2012 This is what I do CAST (Curator Wes Hill)

           Laughter CAST (Curator Victor Medrano)

2011 ShotgunCAST

         Panoply (group show) Sawtooth ARI

          Tasmania is an Anagram of I am Satan – HELL ARI, Victoria

          Mr. Clevver (ongoing collaboration with Heather and Ivan Morrison, CAST)

2010 The Flâneur Project: The Midlands Highway (7 day walking performance, installation) part of Look Out (group show)jointly curated by TMAG and CAST

           In the Hall Of The Mountain King Installation INFLIGHT A.R.I.

           Mr. Clevver (ongoing collaboration with Heather and Ivan Morrison, CAST)

           Art at The Brisbane Hotel (group show)

2009  ONO project (artist and organiser)

           ONALOG(group show, Plimsoll Gallery, Curator: John Vella)

           Little Red Riding Hood (group show)INFLIGHT ARI

           Real Good Drawer (group show)Six_A ARI

           Return to sender (group show) Burnie Regional Gallery

           POST (group show)10% pending homeless ARI

           sound poem (performance) six_ARI – Amplified sound festival

           Six_A sound and experimental music festival (curator, organiser)

2008  Battery Operated, Membrane, Next Wave Festival Acrid, Performance installationSix_A ARI, Hobart

           Guerrilla Gallery, 10% Pending ARI, This is Not Art Festival, Newcastle, NSW Taste of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania

           ONO Project, Hobart, Tasmania. (Organiser, artist, performer)

2007  A Thousand Pardons, video installation, Forepaw, Melbourne     

           A Thousand Pardons,performance installation,3 into 1, CAST Gallery, Hobart

           Piss (Light), video, Sex and the City, BUS Gallery (group show0, Melbourne

          Piss (Light),digital prints, No. 1 (group show), Six_A ARI, Hobart


2016  Andrew Harper, The Unconformity, Artlink
            Andrew Harper, Cameron Robbins, Artlink

2015  Andrew Harper, Land of Milk and Honey, Artlink

            Andrew Harper, Romantic Conceptualism, Eyeline 83

            Andrew Harper, Tender Exotics  Eyeline 84

            Andrew Harper, Outside Thoughts (Cur: Wes Hill), Artlink 35:2 

2014  Pricetag,           

          Conversations on Topography: notes on paintings,  Chen Ping Unseen Mountain

2010  Andrew Harper, Attempting Alchemy — using the critical strategy outlined in David Keenan’s  ‘Childhoods’ End’ to expand on Amelia Douglas’ notion of ‘Pyschotropicalism’, UN magazine 4.2

         Andrew Harper, MONA FOMA, Artlink Vol 30, No. 1

           Andrew Harper, Looping and Shimmering, Realtime 96

2009  Andrew Harper, Deus Ex Machina (essay for Rob O'Connor at Bett Gallery)

         Philip Watkins, Big Bad World, Artlink Vol 29, No. 2

           Andrew Harper, Lust for Life, Catalogue Essay

           Andrew Harper, God Listens to Slayer,Encoding Experience, TMAG catalogue essay

           Andrew Harper, Of the moment and about time, Realtime 89

           Andrew Harper, A Sudden Responsibility, A New Career, Realtime 88

           Andrew Harper, Phone Magic, Realtime 88

2008  Andrew Harper, Tasmanian Horrors: Real and Mythic, Realtime 85

2007  Andrew Harper, The Art of Not Listening, Realtime 81

           Andrew Harper, Your Call Is Important To Us…, Catalogue Essay

2006  Andrew Harper, review, What We Do Is Secret

2005  Felix Radcliff, Surface, Un Magazine, issue 5, p.55


2016 – Current Co-Director Private Projects (gallery and collection)

2015 - Current Weeklyart column for The Mercury newspaper, Hobart

2012   Arts Writer for WARP Street press, regular column and arts editor
2011   Arts writer for Warp Street press; regular column and arts editor

            Response Writer for Iteration:AgainCAST 

            Opening Speaker Ashes to Ashes (Joel Crosswell, Inflight)

            Opening Speaker  Holy Hell / Core (Tom O'Hern & Rob O'Connor, Bett Gallery)

            Opening Speaker Makeshift Tongue(Tim Panaretos, Top Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre)

2010  MONA – curator for MONA sideshows 

            Kickstart Arts Inc, Artist and educator

2009  Opening Speaker Deus Ex Machina(Robert O'Conner, Bett Gallery)

          Kickstart Arts Inc, Artist and teaching

          Real Time Magazine, Arts Review writer

            ABC Local Radio, Film Reviewer

2008   Right Angle Publishing, Advertising Copy Writer

            Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Gallery Attendant

            Salamanca Arts Centre, Theatre Technician, Data Entry

            Six A Artist Run Initiative, Board Member (until 2010)

2007   Edge FM, Breakfast Radio presenter(until 2010)

2006   Big Wig Youth theatre, theatre skills teacher

            Hobart Comedy Festival, performer

            Hobart Fringe Festival, Board member, artist


Sam Xu

I have been practicing Calligraphy since I was 5-year old, guided by my grandfather. 10 years after, I practiced standard script (kaishu)which is related to the very famous Calligraphy bibles that was created by the famous Calligrapher yanzhengqing in Tang dynasty. Later on, I was educated by wanjiu Lu who is the member of Zhejiang province Calligraphy Association, member of Chinese antique collection Association. Over that period, I devoted into other types of script, semi-cursive script (xingshu), copying and imitating the characters collected from the greatest Calligrapher Wang xizhi’s learning bibles(lantingxu and shengjiaoxu) in history. Meanwhile, I also learnt seal script and clerical script, which contributes to deep my understanding and widen my horizon. In addition, I am also self-taught on the traditional paintings, as traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting are in the same idea.


Qualifications & Affiliations:

Membership of Australia Chinese Calligraphers Association  The University of New South Wales, Australia

Master of Financial Analysis (Finance and Accounting)           

Social Involvement:                                                         

MoFo 2018                                                                                            Jan 2018

Calligraphy live show in MONA, Hobart

Fest Devil                                                                                             Dec 2017

Calligraphy and Instrument live performance to advocate saving Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival UTAS                                   Sep 2017 

Calligraphy live show                                                            

Hobart Language Day                                                                            Apr 2017

Chinese Brush painting introduction and performance

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Sydney Town Hall                               Aug 2013

Chinese Brush Calligraphy live Performance

Sam徐,笔名三生。澳大利亚中国书法家协会会员Membership of Australia Chinese Calligraphers Association,澳洲利亚塔斯马尼亚中国现代艺术协会会员。本人出自书香门第,自幼起在外祖父(鲁迅先生好友许寿裳先生的内侄)的启蒙下开始临习书法已有二十余年。少年时期临习楷书颜鲁公法帖,主要以《多宝塔碑》及《颜勤礼碑》为临习对象。步入青年后,师承吕万玖(浙江省书法家协会会员,中国收藏家协会会员),坚持临习大王书帖《兰亭序》及《圣教序》时至今时。同时兼修隶书《曹全碑》,《张迁碑》等历代书法名帖。

Chung Sung Siong Photo 2.jpg

Chung Siong

Chung has been working for CCATI as a public officer since 2017, his key responsibilities are mainly involved the following:

-Drafting the Association Constitution

-Organising meetings

-Preparing paperwork for the Department of Justice Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (Tasmania)

-Preparing paperwork for the use of the Association

-Recruit new members

-Promote the Association to the general public

-Plan and organise events

Prior to that, Chung worked for Hobart Legal Community Service, Morrison Legal Bunbury (WA) and Precision Legal Adelaide (SA).

Chung holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Tasmania, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Tasmania Centre for Legal Studies. Chung loves being involved in charity works and has interest in classical music, design and fine art.  


Shuangshuang Zhang

1989年出生于中国 沈阳,2013年移居到澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚。






2005-2008 毕业于 第六艺术中学 学习音乐编导。

2007-2008 毕业于影视编导业余专业班。

2008- 2012年毕业于山东艺术大学影视编导和舞台音乐表演双学位。



2011-2012年在山东齐鲁音乐学院执教艺术史和舞台剧编排 。

201年在山东菏泽创办了明星高考艺术培训学校, 任职校长和速成班执教导师。


2011年 塔斯马尼亚移民中心创建的艺术人才部门聘请为塔斯马尼亚官方形象艺人。

2017年9月22日 在Moonah 艺术中心带领自己的演出团体与印度文化中心联合主办了亚洲音乐之夜歌舞剧演出。

2016-2018年作为职业影视化妆师参与多部澳洲小电影和影视剧拍摄《The chewing gum》《Red market》《24-hour Thriller》《The first Detectives》。

2013年-至今 在塔斯马尼亚反种族歧视公益协会SAR 做演出艺术顾问。


Jacelyn Wang

Jacelyn has over 7 years of experience in sales marketing with various small to medium sized enterprises including tourism, domestic and international trade, education, aboriginal art and retail. Jacelyn specialises in client engagement and public relations, she is also an active member of Chinese communities, and has been involved in various major community and government events across Australia.

Jacelyn holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Business Law and a Master of Applied Finance degree from the University of Western Australia, and an Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management.

She is also an associate member of CPA Australia.

技能: 项目管理,市场营销,活动策划/协调,公关,网页设计,电子营销。




西澳大学商学士 – 会计和商业法律

西澳大学研究生 – 应用金融

塔斯马尼亚中央学院– 领导与管理高级文凭



Yao Chen

Yao graduated from China Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, faculty of Industrial Design in 2010. Majored in designing the appearance of electric appliance.

She is proficient in Photoshop, color expression of gouache and interest in Chinese calligraphy.





Carol Hau

Carol joined CCATI in 2018, responsible for the operation of art exhibitions and events. Before relocating to Australia, she worked as a senior learning & development officer, quality compliance & training manager, and music consultant & stage manager for various organisations in Hong Kong and Vietnam. She has extensive experience in managing the workflow and coordinating procedures of events. 

Carol holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Human Resources Management, an associate degree of Business Administration in General Management, and is currently studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Tasmania. She is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 6.59.31 pm.png

Rex Emerson Dela Cruz

Rex has years of experience in software development and web development. Before moving to Tasmania, he worked as Web Developer with a CRM developer company in Melbourne. Prior to that, he was an Office/Network Administrator where he handles monitoring and maintenance of computer network, development of company website, development of payroll system, photo editing for brochure making, video editing for company’s web advertisement. He also worked as programmer where he developed a website and a database system used for monitoring inventory system. He is currently an active member of a Filipino community organisation that has been involved in helping individuals who has the desire to live, work and study in Tasmania.

Rex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from AMA Computer University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology major in Software Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology major in Business Information System from Melbourne Polytechnic and is currently pursuing Advance Diploma in Leadership and Management. He is also an associate member of the Australian Computer Society.

Rex 拥有多年的信息技术背景,在CCATI组织里负责网络运行管理, 网络维护,数据安全以及协助管理团队组织和开展各项活动。


Academic and curatorial adviser

Academic and curatorial adviser

Dr Lynne Howarth-Gladston

Dr Lynne Howarth-Gladston is an  artist, curator and scholar with a PhD in critical theory from the University of Nottingham. She has exhibited her painting internationally and was lead curator of the exhibition New China/New Art: Contemporary Video from Shanghai and Hangzhou, which was staged at the University of Nottingham’s Djanogly Gallery in 2015. She was also an expert contributor to the BBC4 documentary, Kew’s Forgotten Queen: The Life of Marianne North (2016). Lynne is currently teaching at the University of New South Wales.

Lynne and Paul are members of the Chinese Contemporary Art Tasmania Inc.; Paul acts as an academic advisor and Lynne as an academic and curatorial adviser to CCAT. Prof Gladston and Dr Howarth-Gladston have an established internationally recognized track record of research into contemporary Chinese art and have been closely involved in the curating of ground-breaking exhibitions of contemporary Chinese art. Both were resident in China between 2005 and 2010 and have established lasting connections with the contemporary artworld in mainland China and Hong Kong as well as more widely in Asia.

Academic advisor

Academic advisor

Prof Paul Gladston

 Prof Paul Gladston is the inaugural Judith Neilson Professor of Contemporary Art at the University of New South Wales and was previously Professor of Contemporary Visual Cultures and Critical Theory at the University of Nottingham. His recent book-length publications include Contemporary Chinese Art: A Critical History (2014), which received ‘publication of the year’ at the Award of Art China 2015. He was an academic adviser to the internationally acclaimed exhibition Art of Change: New Directions from China staged at the Hayward Gallery-South Bank Centre London in 2012.

Lynne and Paul are members of the Chinese Contemporary Art Tasmania Inc.; Paul acts as an academic advisor and Lynne as an academic and curatorial adviser to CCAT. Prof Gladston and Dr Howarth-Gladston have an established internationally recognized track record of research into contemporary Chinese art and have been closely involved in the curating of ground-breaking exhibitions of contemporary Chinese art. Both were resident in China between 2005 and 2010 and have established lasting connections with the contemporary artworld in mainland China and Hong Kong as well as more widely in Asia.

Contemporary Chinese Art

Contemporary Chinese Art


Luchen Cai


Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (NGO), Hobart, Australia                               

11/2017-Present  Program Support officer

Administrated the Commonwealth Government’s Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) funded and established by the Department of Social Services in November 2017 for Tasmania;



Tasmania Chinese School (NGO),Australia

06/2018-08/2018  Volunteer as an Art Tutor



Studied under Mr. Chaofan Yang, an art judge of China Academy of Fine Arts and a member of Zhejiang Association of Oil-Painters. 



2017.11 -至今    塔斯马尼亚移民资源中心    


2018.6 -2018.8    澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚中文学校