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Dr. Llewellyn Negrin

Dr Llewellyn Negrin is an Adjunct Senior Researcher (previously Senior Lecturer in Critical Practices, Coordinator of Art and Design Theory and School Coordinator of Learning and Teaching) at the School of Creative Arts. She has taught at the University of Tasmania since 1989 and has published extensively in the areas of theories of fashion and the role of aesthetics in contemporary culture including her book Appearance and Identity: Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity.


Before joining the University of Tasmania, Llewellyn Negrin was a tutor and senior tutor in Social and Political Theory at Murdoch university, Western Australia from 1985-1988 and a tutor in General Philosophy at the University of Sydney from 1980-1984. She completed her BA Hons (1980) and PhD(1988) in the Department of General Philosophy at the University of Sydney (Australia).