Sam Xu

I have been practicing Calligraphy since I was 5-year old, guided by my grandfather. 10 years after, I practiced standard script (kaishu)which is related to the very famous Calligraphy bibles that was created by the famous Calligrapher yanzhengqing in Tang dynasty. Later on, I was educated by wanjiu Lu who is the member of Zhejiang province Calligraphy Association, member of Chinese antique collection Association. Over that period, I devoted into other types of script, semi-cursive script (xingshu), copying and imitating the characters collected from the greatest Calligrapher Wang xizhi’s learning bibles(lantingxu and shengjiaoxu) in history. Meanwhile, I also learnt seal script and clerical script, which contributes to deep my understanding and widen my horizon. In addition, I am also self-taught on the traditional paintings, as traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting are in the same idea.


Qualifications & Affiliations:

Membership of Australia Chinese Calligraphers Association  The University of New South Wales, Australia

Master of Financial Analysis (Finance and Accounting)           

Social Involvement:                                                         

MoFo 2018                                                                                            Jan 2018

Calligraphy live show in MONA, Hobart

Fest Devil                                                                                             Dec 2017

Calligraphy and Instrument live performance to advocate saving Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival UTAS                                   Sep 2017 

Calligraphy live show                                                            

Hobart Language Day                                                                            Apr 2017

Chinese Brush painting introduction and performance

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Sydney Town Hall                               Aug 2013

Chinese Brush Calligraphy live Performance

Sam徐,笔名三生。澳大利亚中国书法家协会会员Membership of Australia Chinese Calligraphers Association,澳洲利亚塔斯马尼亚中国现代艺术协会会员。本人出自书香门第,自幼起在外祖父(鲁迅先生好友许寿裳先生的内侄)的启蒙下开始临习书法已有二十余年。少年时期临习楷书颜鲁公法帖,主要以《多宝塔碑》及《颜勤礼碑》为临习对象。步入青年后,师承吕万玖(浙江省书法家协会会员,中国收藏家协会会员),坚持临习大王书帖《兰亭序》及《圣教序》时至今时。同时兼修隶书《曹全碑》,《张迁碑》等历代书法名帖。