Jacelyn Wang

Jacelyn has over 7 years of experience in sales marketing with various small to medium sized enterprises including tourism, domestic and international trade, education, aboriginal art and retail. Jacelyn specialises in client engagement and public relations, she is also an active member of Chinese communities, and has been involved in various major community and government events across Australia.

Jacelyn holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Business Law and a Master of Applied Finance degree from the University of Western Australia, and an Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management.

She is also an associate member of CPA Australia.

技能: 项目管理,市场营销,活动策划/协调,公关,网页设计,电子营销。




西澳大学商学士 – 会计和商业法律

西澳大学研究生 – 应用金融

塔斯马尼亚中央学院– 领导与管理高级文凭