Scot Denis Cotterell


2016 - present  Time Based Media Coordinator, Museum of Old and NewArt, MONA.

2015 - 16         Digital Media Coordinator, Museum of Old and NewArt, MONA.

2014 - 15         SeniorAudio VisualTechnician, Museum of Old and NewArt, MONA.

2007-15           InstallationTechnician, ContemporaryArt ServicesTasmania, Hobart.

2012-14           Exhibitions Officer, Hobart City Council, Carnegie Gallery.

2009-14Sessional Lecturer, University ofTasmania Centre for theArts, Core Studies, E-Media.


2014                Applied Project Management,Australian Institute of Management.

2009-11           Masters of FineArt by Research, University ofTasmania.

2008-               Bachelor of FineArts with Honours, First Class. University ofTasmania.

2007-               Bachelor of FineArts, University ofTasmania; Centre for theArts.


2017                ClaudioAlcorso Foundation Residency Grant.

2013                ArtsTasmaniaAssistance to Individuals Grant.

2012                Gordon Darling Foundation Professional Development Grant.

2009-11           Australian Post-GraduateAward Scholarship recipient.

2010-               Nominee – Qantas Foundation ContemporaryArtAward.

2009-               Australia Council for theArts, SoundTravellers Grant.

Australia Council for theArts, Presentation and Promotion Grant.

2008                Jim Bacon Foundation Honours Scholarship.

2007                Dean’s Roll of Excellence with Honours, Faculty ofArts for outstanding academic achievement, University ofTasmania.

2004/6/7          Dean’s Roll of Excellence, Faculty ofArts, University ofTasmania.


2017                Isabel Lewis, Occasions, ContemporaryArtTasmania for Darkmofo Ogasawara/Stearly/Chevarie/Fersonov for Private projects,Tasmania. Kwanchai Sinpru for Private projects,Tasmania.

Peerawayt Krasaesom for Private projects,Tasmania.

2014                Curated Ebay Pdf, for Wrong Digital Biennale, .net

2012                ILK aTaxonomy Publishing project w/ Pip Stafford, .net

2011-12           Antipodean Ruido, co-curated audio cd w/ FranciscoAlvarez. Spain/Australia.

2010-               Prosopography.Academy Gallery. University ofTasmania. Launceston.

2009-               Auto/Graphic, InflightARI, Hobart, co-curation and catalogue text.

2008-               Encoding Experience, Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania. Facilitator.

SITE, web gallery. SearchTheory. ContemporaryArt ServicesTasmania.

2007-               Sex and the City, BUS Gallery Melbourne. w/ Benjamin Kluss.


2016—presentContemporaryArtTasmania, Programming Committee.

2012-               Convergence Lab, University ofTasmania, participant.

2011-               Advisory Committee, NAVAArtist Run Initiative advisory committee.

2010-               InflightArtist-Run Initiative, Chair.

2009-               InflightArtist-Run Initiative, Chair.

2005- 08          InflightArtist-Run Initiative, Gallery Co-ordinator.

2005-               Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania, Committee Member.

2005-               ContemporaryArts ServicesTasmania, Board Member.


2016 -NAVA, NationalAssociation for VisualArts,Artwires online Journal interview.

2013 -Fusion andAppropriation: Dynamism and Flux. Fusion Journal UK/AUS.

2012 -WeAre Here:Artist-run Initiative Symposium Report. NAVA.

2011 -InformationArchitecture, Catalogue Essay. WhyndhamArt Gallery.

2010 -One Night in Paris. Catalogue Essay. Devonport Regional Gallery.


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2018 -              Bangkok Biennial, Jam Pavillion, Paper Speakers Project.Thailand.

2017 -              Crisis Mapping, Penny Contemporary Gallery, Hobart,Aus.

2016 -              Romantic Conceptualism, WaggaArt Gallery, NSW.Aus.

Shitstorm (counterfeit version), Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangrak, Bangkok.

2015 -              Agigantic etching of an eagle and a sparrow, Penny Contemporary HobartAus.

2014 -              Romantic Conceptualism, ContemporaryArtTasmania.Aus.

EverythingAll at Once Now (and then some), Speedy Grandma, Bangkok.

2013 -              Trademarks, Penny Contemporary Gallery.Tas.

EverythingAll at Once Now (and then some), Format Collective. S.A. Flicker, Wyndham Cultural Centre, Mezzanine Gallery, Vic.

Standing Piece, Brunswick St Gallery Video Space, Melb.

2011-               The Urge toAppropriate, MFAexhibition, Plimsoll Gallery Utas.

2010-               Torrent, Bett Gallery/Raincheck, Hobart.

2009-               Medium Frequency, DFArte Contemporaneo, Galicia, Spain.


2018 -              Sixpointsixsixyears, Evil Goat, MoonahArts Centre, MOFO Commission,Tas.

2017 -              BORG Biennale, Gentrify Everything,Antwerp, Belgium.

2016 -              Brainstorm, for Darkmofo,Tasmanian College of theArts,Tas.Aus.

Manpower International Arts Festival, Rua Poço dos Negros, Lisboa Portugal Collaboration, Exhibition to celebrate 35 years of Fujian -Tasmania Sister State Australian Fujian Society. Fujian Museum, China.

Project for a newAmerican century, FauxMo commission for MOFO16, Hobart.

2015 -              Intersection, American Fabrics, BridgeportArtTrail, Connecticut.

2014 -              Devil's Encounter, Teufelsberg NSAField Station. Germany

I married a dead icecream, LABoral cur. Julia Drouhin. Spain

2013 -              Ghost Hunters, Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania.

120 Seconds, Federation Square, Melbourne.

2012-               Regret is for Chemists, Paradise Hills, Melbourne.

Nightmare Harvest Program, H,YSW Gallery, Hobart. Foreplay, Plimsoll Gallery, University ofTasmania.Taxonomy@ Establishment, CASTGallery, Hobart.

37thAnnualAlice Prize, AraluenArts Centre,Alice Springs. Chance, SawtoothARI, Launceston, curator Victor Medrano.

2011-               The Rest Is Silence, Death Be Kind, Melbourne.

Best Show! Felt Space,Adelaide.

Pirate Radio (and other Hauntologies), Poimena Gallery, Launceston.

If I had more bullets I’d have taken Warhol with me, Rat Palace, Hobart. Kill Conquer Kill, Milk of Magnesia, Melbourne.

Panoply, SawtoothARI, Launceston.

2010-               IAM SATAN, HELLGallery, Melbourne.

SHOTGUN, CASTGallery suppt. by Detached Cultural Foundation. Conceptual, ContemporaryArt ServicesTasmania, CASTGallery. Prosopography,Academy Gallery, School ofArts, Launceston.

2009-               O.N.O Project 2, Hobart CBD,Tasmania.

SRL(Stigma Research Laboratory), MoonahArts   Centre,Tasmania.


2017 -              Hobiennale,Tasmanian Museum andArt Gallery, Sonic Systematics.

No Input (Redux) for MONAFOMA17 Festival, MONATasmania.

2015 -              No Input, Electrona 7054 Festival, Hobart.Tas.Aus.

2013-               Klapperstein: Le Placard Headphone Festival.Aus/Fr/Ger. MONA FORMATARI, No Input Solo.

MONAFOMA2013. No Input Solo.

2012-               Sound Klub V, InflightARI, Hobart.

MoMa Market, Solo sound performance.

2011 -              CAST18thCelebration, Live a/v commission.

MONA, Opening weekend, MONAMuseum,Tasmania.

2010 -              STL- SoundTo Light, PeacockTheatre, Hobart.

2009-               RUIDO 8, DFArte Contemporaneo, Galicia, Spain.

BLACK SUNDAY, Presented by SoundKlub, SalamancaArts Centre, Hobart. ONO Project 2, Hobart CBD – support for Lightning BoltAustralianTour. TRIADAustralianTour,Tas, Syd, Melb, Per, Bris.


2017 - University ofTasmania, School of CreativeArts,Art Forum Guest Speaker

2015 - Keynote UQArt Museum for MGQLD - Edge of Change: New approaches to Digital Engagement

2014 - UTASTCotA-Art Forum Program - Guest Speaker

2014 - RADIO - INTERVIEW - Scot Cotterell on PlainAir EDGE Radio 99.3 Hobart

2014 - RADIO FEATURE -The Small Hours on Future Music FM.

2013 - University ofAdelaide - Honours Program Guest Speaker

2012 - NAVA- WeAre Here symposium - roundtable facilitator


Laboratory Collection, Spokane Washington.

Private collections Japan,Australia,Thailand, Germany.