Unknown Fire - Ceramics Exhibition

Academy of classical learning of Song Pin, which sponsor with tea and book, holding a ceramic exhibition - Unknown Fire last week, where the Academy is located at Hangzhou of China. This place is a new developing creative art park which has attracted diversity artist gathering here. Many new events and stuffs are hold or happened from artist or artistic curators in the place. 

Several artist present a new series of ceramics works in the exhibition. A Senior lecturer, Mr. Sun Xuejun, teaching at school of ceramics department of China Academy of Fine Arts, give a simple opening speech and congratulation for this show. He also introduced the different requirement of pottery and porcelain, especially, and identified how to control the duration and degree of heating under the fire or wood fire. In this show, Some of works depended on artist experience but some depend on the chance while the fire working condition and burn progression. 

Mr. Sun Xuejun show me how to appreciation the series of works at exhibition hall on the openning day. The exhibition is opening till 20th Dec. 2018.