The City of Huang Shan in China



Yu Liang Art Gallery鱼梁美术馆

Artist will exhibit their works in this gallery

Residency of Artists

Residency of Artists

art activities in residence, artist who are from different part of China

art activities in residence, artist who are from different part of China


Residence introduction

Yong Sheng Cultural and Artistic developing limit company located at the City of Yellow Mountain, Shexian, An Hui province. This partner as one of Residencies in China will accept our artists who are sent and selected by CCATinc. The residence will offer creative studio, meeting room, art gallery to our artist who are living in there. The residence will also provide some services for artist to study on the field of Chinese traditional painting of landscape and flower or birds project, such as Huang Binhong institution of follower and birds, Print making studio of Xin An painting form etc. The residence had set up a frame studio where crafters will support our artist to finish their final works and then to exhibit in the art gallery. all facility of living in is good condition and convince for residential artists during stay at the place.


Nearby scenery- yellow mountain

This residency is nearby the famous scenery, which called Yellow Mountain or Mountain Huang Shan. It is the most beautiful mountain in China, which admired by Chinese landscape painter, and Mt Huang Shan also is an excellent natural place that will motivate inspiration to artists.

Please see a video link of Yellow Mountain:


Surrounding Ancient villages of Ming and Qing dynasty

This residency also collect a traditional building, a huge  house of Qing dynasty, moved nearby from an ancient building block country and then rebuild it as original house. According to the number order which makes on the each wood before the huge house dismantled, you will feel Chinese wisdom of ancient dwelling through the Chinese traditional architecture.

Please see a video link of ancient villages of Hui-style: